Friday, December 9, 2011

Unexpected Visitors

Sunday morning the Terrible Terrier woke us up wanting to go outside.  Mr. Backwoods opened the front door to let him out and noticed horses in my Dad's yard.  My Dad doesn't own any horses.  Apparently the semi wild ones that normally stay on top of a nearby mountain/ reclaimed strip mine had wandered down in search of green plants to munch, and possible warmer, less windy areas to hang out. 

The Mister let Terrible back inside and 10 minutes later he was barking at the front window again.   I opened the front door to this:

They didn't seem too terribly concerned about the Terrible Terrier.  (Say that 5 times fast.)  He barked and jumped, but they just sort of looked at him, like "What?"  So I wouldn't recommend using a Yorkie for any sort of herding.  Unless you are herding really small plush squeaky things.

Some of the horses that hang out on top of the mountain are so tame they will walk right up to you, even to the point of being pests.  We've had to shoo them away before when I've been trying to take people photos and they kept getting in the way.  I think people must feed them frequently.  These were a bit more shy.  I slipped on some shoes to go out and get closer shots, but I spooked them.

Late last night Babe Jr looked out the window and saw them in Dad's yard again.  Its kind of cool to have them wander in, but I'm afraid we may have an excess of unwanted fertilizer by spring. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waiting for the Bus

Babe Jr's cheer schedule has slowed down now that the competition is over.  That means less practice and that she's riding the bus home more often.  The Terrible Terrier has figured this out.

On Thursday he was outside when it came up our road.  Instead of barking at it like he does most vehicles, he sat down and calmly watched as it turned around in our driveway.  When the door opened and Babe Jr stepped out, that little tail started wagging like crazy.  Then as the bus pulled out and rambled back down the road, he turned away from it, watching for Babe Jr to come up the driveway and around the house.   It was so sweet.  Friday, I had my camera handy as he looked out the storm door again awaiting her return from school.
In March she will be 12 and he'll be 8.  I'm sure she's tormented him over the years with the dressing up and the hair bows and all the crazy games he's been subjected to.  But its obvious he he loves her.