Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick Update

I haven't been here since May, ahhhh!  Real life has been busy and I've neglected my blog.  Here's a quick synopsis of what's been going on.

I planted my garden, then we had a week long power outage in July following a bad windstorm and everything died since I couldn't water it.  We have a well and the pump won't run without electricity.  I should look into adding some sort of hand pump for emergencies. 

We got a new puppy.

Her name is Penny.  I don't have a funny blog nickname for her yet.  We were trying to find a Pyrenees but had no luck.  After a few months of watching local shelters and no success with rescues, a friend on Facebook posted a pic of puppies she had to give away.  The mother was a large docile mixed breed, father unknown.  The puppies were irresistibly cute.

This is her at 3 months.  She's super sweet and a little more hyper than what I expected.  She's not so small anymore.

Penny at 5 months.  She spends most of her time outside now.  I think she has some St. Bernard or Great Pyrenees in her. 

 This is last week.  She'll be 6 months on Dec. 11th. 

We also got a cat.  His name is Smokey (I know, its not very original, but we let Mr. Backwoods name this one.)

I didn't think we'd ever find a house cat that the Terrible Terrier could get along with, but he won us all  over.   He was a stray hanging around at a friend's house and was super friendly.

He doesn't have a blog name yet either.  I might give up on those if we keep adding animals.  I didn't think I was much of a cat person, but this one is pretty entertaining.

He sleeps like this all the time, so weird.

We had several yard sales this summer to raise money to send the cheer squad to camp.  I made enough space in our spare junk room to make it a sort of craft room with a lot of junk.  I started sewing again and got bit by the quilt bug.

I've sold a few things through facebook.  I'm thinking of setting up an Etsy, but that feels like a big commitment.  I'm not sure yet.

We've been working on a lot of craft projects for the holidays, and I don't want to overload facebook with craft pics so I'll probably be posting some here.

Babe Jr. got her braces off.  If I can ever get her in front of my camera again, I'll post some updated pics of her, too.

I'll try not to be a stranger around here, but I can't make any promises. ;)