Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slowly coming together

Since we finally have electricity, I've been spending more time at the house trying to unpack a few things and get organized.  As I've mentioned before, I still have an entire storage unit filled with belongings in another state, so this only scratches the surface of looking like "our" home.  But at least it is looking less like an abandoned dumping ground.

Babe Jr asked for some decor items for her birthday.  We started with her bathroom.

I still need to get a rug and hang the pictures.  I have another bin to add to the shelving unit, but it is currently holding some things on the dresser at my father-in-law's house where we're staying until we get the water running.  There's a really cute stained glass night light you can't see here and I want to find an antique glass or vase to hold her toothbrush.

Her bedroom is totally void of real furniture.  I'm halfway through the process of refinishing her chest and nightstand.  I hope to have that done by next week, I'm forcing myself to finish it before we put in any clothes or it might never get finished.

She really wants the bunk bed from this post, but I'm concerned about how long before she'll be sick of climbing up there (she's already 11), or that it will get too hot.  I'm thinking of building a version of this daybed from Ana White, then placing it on one side of the window and building in a shelving unit to that wall with a small desk on the other side of the window.  I think that look will have more longevity, but I still need to win her over.  She had similar shelving in our previous house and really wants to go in a completely different direction.  I think the daybed/shelving unit will have much more longevity and utilize the small space the most efficiently.

These valances are hanging throughout the house, they came with purchase.

I posted here trying to decide on a replacement.  While unpacking some things the next day I found about half a yard of fabric leftover from another project.  I couldn't take another minute of the existing valance, so I took some straight pins and folded and pinned the remnant until it resembled a folding shade. 

It would look great if I'd had an iron and some seaming tape on hand, but this works for now.  When I get the "real" kitchen curtain fabric in, I'll probably use that method and make something similar to this with coordinating ribbon or a border fabric.  You'll have to wait and see.  Though, I do think my little dollar store vase and hanging candle holder I swiped from Babe Jr's stuff look cute with it.  That's the Terrible Terriers treat jar, too.  He will recognize it when he sees it, I'm sure.

The living room is currently a holding place for furniture mid process of being redone.  And the doors to my refrigerator.  We have somehow misplaced the screws that hold them on, but that's another irritating story.  The master bedroom looks like a big messy closet with a bed.  Its going to need the most decor help and will be near the bottom of the list, but its probably the room I'm most excited about.  Once I get  a new/old light fixture painted and procure some rugs and/or art for the master bath, I'll have pics of that ASAP.  The 3rd bedroom is going to be storage for a while unfortunately.  Once we have some outdoor storage buildings, I'm hoping it will be my own special craft room/studio that will occasionally house guests on a futon.  We're getting closer people!


  1. Looking less like an abandoned dumping ground is always good! The curtains are VERY cute!!!!!! A few of our ugly came-with-the-house ones are still on the windows after two and a half years.

  2. You are doing a great job...I can't believe how creative you are..

  3. Hang in there, it will be home sweet home before you know it. I had to go back and re-read about the valance - for a minute I thought that on top of unpacking and refinishing furniture, you actually sewed new curtains --- and that much energy just isn't fair. :)

  4. Looking good!! Love your idea for the curtains!! Can't wait to see more!