Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Photos

We've been really busy lately with school sports and other functions, which is why I've been scarce around here.  So I haven't had time to work on any fun projects.  I did, however, make time yesterday to go outside and take  a few pics before all the leaves completely die and fall off.

I got up that morning, well it was actually more like afternoon, but it was a beautiful day.  So I went outside with the dog to have a cup of coffee on the swing.

He wanted to explore.  I decided to grab my camera.

One of the benefits to living out in the middle of nowhere is there really aren't any neighbors to see you wandering around outside with your camera in pajamas and a pair of lime green crocs.  This guy didn't seem to mind my extremely casual attire.

I'm glad I took advantage of what may have been my last chance of the season to capture some of these lovely colors.

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