Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring is here and everything is blooming.  I've been trying to remember to take my camera with me whenever I go anywhere right now.  Inevitably, if I don't have it with me, I run across beautiful flowers and I'm kicking myself because I can't get photos. 

On Monday, Babe Jr had gymnastics.  They hold it in the school gym at 5:00 and we got there early with about 30 minutes to kill.  There is a magnolia tree on the edge of the parking lot; of course I got out to take some photos.

I had to hop a guard rail to get to this tree.  The principal was leaving just as I was climbing over it; he stopped to see what I was doing.  I think he recognized me and as soon as he saw my camera I'm sure he figured out my intentions.  I'd love to know what he first thought when he saw me climbing.


  1. such a beautiful color!! great shots.

  2. i am a sucker for flower shots. very pretty :)

  3. How pretty, it's so good to see signs of spring!

  4. I so love Magnolia trees!! Wish I had one in my backyard!

  5. What a beautiful tree and a great job capturing it.