Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why did the guinea cross the road?

 Because someone got out of a car and scared them with a camera. 

ETA:  Initially, I thought these might be wild turkeys.  I spent some time last night googling photos of turkeys and different birds and couldn't find any like these since I didn't know what they were.  I asked Mr. Backwoods and he glanced at them and said, "Yes, they're turkeys."  So I posted them; then someone tells me, nope, they're guineas.  After googling again to confirm I showed the pics to Mr. Backwoods again and he says, "Oh, no those aren't turkeys.  I wasn't really paying attention."  Gee thanks, Hon.


  1. We actually saw some of the huge buzzards down by the road the other day - initially thought they were wild turkey. These were not taking their eyes off of you for sure.

  2. those are guinnes' lot of people call them turkeys...