Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wild Horses

Last weekend I wanted to take some photos on top of a mountain. My sister volunteered to be my subject and we piled in the truck with my dad and went to a reclaimed strip mine. Little did I know it is also home to at least 50 wild horses.

wild horses West Virginia

I'm not sure that wild is a totally accurate term.  Supposedly someone released a bunch of them a few years ago and they bred and thrived.

They let us get really close, but not quite enough to touch them. 

wild horses colt West Virginia

There were several colts.  They were so pretty. ♥

Time for the baby to eat.

This song was stuck in my head the rest of the day.  Its originally The Rolling Stones and has been covered by half a dozen different people, but this is the version I kept hearing.



  1. Beautiful shots. Lovely horses.

  2. How lucky that you got to see so many wild horses! Great shots!

  3. Beautiful horses and great captures.

  4. Gorgeous! I still think where you live now looks like a little slice of paradise! I'd be practically rapturous if I saw this!