Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall pics

I was hoping to get out and take some more photos of the fall foliage, but yesterday's rain storm seems to have thwarted me.  The trees are looking pretty skimpy now and the hills are getting closer to an overall shade of brown; the warm yellows, gold, and reds falling with leaves.  For your viewing pleasure, here are a few that I got on my maiden shoot Sunday.

This is a barberry bush in my dad's driveway.  They are really very pretty, but a nightmare if you ever have to prune or transplant them.  Mr. Backwoods learned his lesson about wearing gardening gloves with one of these a few summers ago.

My step-mom's Japanese Maple.

Hopefully this will soon be where my house sits.  Babe Jr thought she was out of the frame, heheheh.

And a few random other shots of the scenery:

I hope you liked them :)

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  1. Beautiful pics Steph! I should have made a trip home while the leaves were pretty.