Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More work, but for fun! is one of my favorite websites.  It's first and foremost an online store for scrapbookers, but its so much more than that!  I stumbled onto the message boards, which are a ton of fun and have a plethora of information about everything you can think of if you check the non-scrapbook related board (NSBR).  But today, I want to share about the photography board.

Currently, I do not have the time or the finances to take a  photography class.  Not to mention the fact that living in the stix sort of severely limits your choices for that sort of thing.  2peas has solved all my problems.  They have an awesome online course and message boards so that you can interact with classmates and many talented professionals.

As I go through the course, I plan to post pics to document my progress.  It should be really interesting.  So, check out the site and stay tuned for my homework!

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