Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adventures in Mobile Homing: Part 1

The biggest advantage to purchasing a mobile home is the quick turnaround.  We went to the lot, picked out what we wanted, and selected options.  Very similar to special ordering a new car.  About a month later we were signing closing papers.  A week after that our little house was waiting patiently on the show lot to be moved and put together for its new family:

Today we stopped by to do the first of several inspections that will be required along the way.  Here's a closer shot of the front.  We'll be adding a big covered front porch this summer.

And the back.

The back door leads into the laundry/mud room and the kitchen around the corner.

This is the living room as I'm standing in the front doorway.  The open door across from me is the 3rd bedroom.  The smaller opening currently covered in plastic leads to the hall closet, second bedroom and bathroom.  The larger opening covered in plastic leads into the kitchen.

This is taken while standing in the 3rd bedroom doorway facing the front door.  Look, it comes with window treatments and everything!  Although I'll probably switch those out later.  Disregard the inverted bathtub in the middle of the room, that won't stay there.  The other interior doorway directly across is the master bedroom, which leads into my large, lovely, master "glamor bath."  Unfortunately because of the placement of doorways and current protective plastic coverings, we could not get in the master bath to take photos.

Here we are in the other half of the house.  I'm standing approximately where our counter height table will be.  That doorway is back through the laundry area and then the back door.  Again, I'll probably switch out this window treatment promptly. But its nice to have blinds and a rod pre-hung.  The window sill is a solid surface material, great durability for over a sink.  I'm in love with my cherry cabinets, fancy faucet, and stainless dishwasher that matches the stainless stove and refrigerator we currently have in storage.

Vented microwave mounted over the stove, again stainless.  I went with the light colored counter tops this time.  We had a dark slate look counter in our last house.  It looked very sleek and contemporary but every scratch showed so easily, they may as well have had a flashing beacon over them.

From the other side of the room.  Room for our double door fridge and a large pantry.  I can't express how excited I am to have a full pantry in my kitchen!

This is just a shot of the builder special light fixtures in the kitchen.  The one furthest away will be over the table and replaced with some sort of pendant or pretty hanging something.  Again, because of the plastic and situation of the rooms we couldn't get around the corner into the other bedroom and bathroom. 

The footers are being poured on our property tomorrow and we should have a 20 ton load of gravel being brought in as well.  If everything is done promptly as planned, my Dad can spread the gravel with his bulldozer over the weekend and our happy little house can be hauled in and its parts joined together next week.  As soon as its put together I'll post photos it in place and of the rooms we couldn't get to today.


  1. YAY!!!! I love the cherry cabinets too, looks so fab with the stainless :)

  2. Congrats!! So wonderful to get a new house!! It looks huge!