Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventures in Mobile Homing: Part 2

Our house was delivered this previous Friday.  I overestimated the amount of time a house broken into two pieces and hauled on trailers would take getting over 2 mountains.  They must have hauled a** getting there (see what I did with the pun there?  hardy har har) Therefore, I missed the photo opportunity of my home actually being mobile.  Here it is sitting on the property, but still in separate parts because the concrete footers hadn't yet cured.

Saturday they came back and joined the pieces together, but due to another unfortunate circumstance, I missed that photo op as well.  Babe Jr had a stomach virus, which was substantially less fun than taking pictures of your new home being moved around with large jacks.  But probably equally as nerve wrecking.

We went to go check it out today, but it was raining, so I only took photos of the inside.  I'll shoot more tomorrow when we go for the final inspection, the siding should be in place on the ends by then. 

I'm standing in the living room here.  You can actually see into the kitchen now.  They still have to complete the trim work and cover the gaps in the paneling.  We opted not to spend additional funds upgrading to drywall.  We felt it was unnecessary since we aren't sure how permanent this dwelling will be.  But I hate the pieces of trim, referred to as "batts" that cover the paneling seams.  That just screams "Trailer!"  I've seen projects where they remove the batts, prime the paneling, then use mesh tape and joint compound to cover them.  If prepped and sanded properly, this should lead to the same solid look as drywall without the expense.  I plan to try it out on Babe Jr.'s bedroom in the near future.  Her birthday is coming up, so new decor will be part of the gift package this year.

Here we're looking into the little hall that was covered in plastic previously.  That's the guest bathroom straight ahead, Babe Jr's room on the left, and a nice linen closet on the right.  Immediately to my left is the doorway to the third bedroom.

Next is the master bath!

We have the same cherry cabinetry in the bathrooms as the kitchen.  My garden tub sits in the corner; it's not in trouble, it just fits best there.  I'm not sure who's idea it was to hang a valance over a mirror, but that sucker is coming down asap.  There was another large mirror laying on the floor of the bedroom, so I'm guessing there will be one on each side of the tub.  I haven't yet established an opinion on these mirrors, if they should go or stay, and exactly how to decorate around them.  You can't see the toilet but its just to the left of the tub.

Here I'm standing next to the toilet.  Just to the right you can see the edge of a small section of floor to ceiling cabinets.  This is probably where I'll keep towels and female hair paraphernalia.  This is also a better view of the sink.  We did spend the dough upgrading to porcelain sinks.  Standard sinks are sort of a plastic material that doesn't clean easily and doesn't bode well with appliances often used in a bathroom, like curling irons.  The bathroom faucets are as pretty as those in the kitchen.  We had ugly builder special faucets and makeup lights with big round light bulbs circa 1980s in our previous house, even though the it was built in 2007.

Here is our separate shower, so that Mr Backwoods won't track coal dirt and leftover work grime into my tub.  You can also see through to the master bedroom and out the window.  That valance will also be taken down asap and replaced with full length drapes.

I have a new design in mind, and my sights set on new duvet, but that project will have to start once the initial move in, unpacking and lengthy chore of organization is done.  I have several sets of drapes in storage, and I'll probably pick a pair as a temporary solution.  This window faces east; we will definitely need something besides the mini blinds to block the morning sun.


  1. Here's hoping the rest of the week (and move) is smooth for you!

  2. How fun to see it all come together! I love that second shot, that area is gorgeous.

  3. How fun to see your house in the begining stages! Can't wait to see it when you are all installed! What a view!

  4. Very nice digs you've got there. I hope babe jr. is feeling better and the rest of the move is uneventful.

  5. Happy House warming and congratulations!! You're going to have so much fun settling in and decorating it!! I can't wait to see more!

    I guess I'll have to follow along so I can stay current!