Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Logo!

I made a brush to use in photoshop to watermark my photos quite a while ago, but I was never totally happy with it.  I really kind of wanted something cute to go along with it, not just verbiage.  And, since I changed the font in my header and am pretty sure I'm going to stick with it, I need to incorporate that as well. 

I decided I wanted to use the Terrible Terrier in the logo.  He's super cute and everyone loves him so he makes the perfect mascot.  I played around for a few days until I came up with this.

I think it looks just like him.  He turns his head sideways like that when you're talking to him.  Is it weird that I want to cuddle a cartoon?  So now that we have a mascot, I need to incorporate the blog name and whatnot so that if anybody tries to rip off my photos, at least I'll get some credit or free advertising.  I used the same font as in my header, downloaded a cute *free* girly handwriting font to jazz it up, and threw in a little border and the web address.  Incorporate a transparent bar all the way across the photo - makes it harder to cut off the watermark, and I can change the color according to each photo - and...

Taa Daa!

I made one file with black font and another with white so that it will be visible regardless of the colors in the photo.  I'm really please with it and it looks way more professional than I actually am!