Monday, March 7, 2011

I ♥ Mood Boards

I had a lot of fun playing with mood boards for the new house, but I didn't realize how helpful they would be in spousal relations.  We accomplished 2 decision making goals with compromise and the help of the living room mood board I posted here. 

#1 - Mr Backwoods actually participated in making a decor decision and gave the thumbs up on ordering this rug from  And yay, its on sale now!  Hoping it stays that way until next pay day.

#2 - After a considerable amount of internet research, I found some aesthetically pleasing recliners on of all places.  I know, really odd place to find furniture.  But in the section with nursery furniture, they have some nice chairs meant to provide a comfy place for nursing a baby.  Mr. Backwoods really liked them because they not only recline, but rock, glide, and swivel.  They have great reviews from tired moms and dad's who've apparently spent a lot of time sleeping in them as well as rocking and comforting.  I believe the mood board has convinced him that bigger is not necessarily better in this case.  We are undecided on color but leaning towards the chocolate. 

Mr. Backwoods wanted a shade closer to the couch, but I was afraid we'd miss the mark and end up with a clashy mess, and all that taupe would be awfully boring.  I liked this punchy shade of sage.

But, his tastes are considerably more conservative.  So, we're leaning in the direction of chocolate as a compromise.  I can always play up the brighter colors with pillows and accent pieces.

I've not yet made progress in the chandelier vs. ceiling fan battle for the master bedroom.  After the living room decision success, I'll keep scouring the web until I find a light fixture that convinces him to see my vision.

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  1. I have to admit, I like the chocolate recliner better. That rug is cool!

    Decorating is so hard for me, I hate making decisions.

    Stop by for a