Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Craft

I've seen springy wreaths all over blogland (like this one) and I decided that it would be a fun inexpensive craft to try.  I had some scrapbook paper left over from projects I made while decorating my niece's bedroom and I picked up some ribbon and a small wicker wreath at the Dollar Tree. 

I tried to find the styrofoam wreath forms that all the other bloggers seem to be using, but my Walmart doesn't carry them and we don't have a dedicated craft store in my little town.  I decided I wanted to cover the wreath all in green flowers and I had a limited amount of paper that color, so the small one from Dollar Tree worked out.  The flowers are pretty easy, you cut paper spirals then sort of roll them up and glue into place.  Here's a really good tutorial.  I started out working on this solo but when Babe Jr asked to help I jumped on the offer.  The flowers are simple but time consuming.  I cut a bunch of spirals then she rolled them all up while I cooked dinner.  After dinner we broke out the glue gun. 

I like how it turned out, and not bad for a total investment of $2.00.  I love the Dollar Tree!  I couldn't find my clear wreath hanger, the brass one from Christmas looked gaudy, and I didn't want to put a nail in my brand new door, so I just tied the ribbon right on the door knocker.  Here's a  pull back, it matches my door mat, too.

Ignore the ugly railing, that's temporary until we get a real porch built - but at least I don't have to get a boost up to get in the door now.  Welcome back Spring!


  1. Cute! I love the branch you added.

  2. It's darling and I love the simplicity of it!

  3. Adorable - I would love to see close-up shots. This would have been a great step-by-step photo shoot.

  4. Very talented! Love your wreath!