Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little progress

The men folk got our meter box hung and wiring ran last weekend.  I cannot express how grateful I am for awesome friends and neighbors.  There really is a different mentality in a small town, that's reason numero uno why we moved back here from suburbia.

The inspector came today and gave us the go ahead to have the electric company come out.  Another example of small town goodness:  He called while I was gone to take Babe Jr to school and went on to the house even though he hadn't confirmed I'd be there.  Then he called from my Dad's house to say we passed, placed the official "you passed" sticker on the box, and gave me directions to his house so I could drop a check off with his wife later.  That kind of trusting attitude is refreshing.

And here's a shot of the well as promised.  This is what a $2000.00 hole in the ground looks like.

This weekend's DIY work will involve digging ditches and running water lines from the well and to the septic tank.  Fun stuff, I tell ya.

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