Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photoshop Salad

I finally had my first Photoshop class tonight.  Last week's class was canceled due to inclement weather.  As I had assumed, we are not going to learn terribly advanced techniques in this class, and I think some of the portions of the software I'm struggling with while post processing photos will not be addressed at all.  But, I am learning all the basics and figuring out the full function of tools that I haven't been able to master with my Googling of tutorials.

Today's assignment in class:  Make a salad.
We had to cut out the veggies and place them on the cutting board without leaving any of them behind, or bringing the white background over with them.  Already having working knowledge of some of the selection tools, after having the teacher explain each tool, its various options, and how they work in depth; I was able to get this in about 5 minutes!
Those olives were a pain in the backside!  But, I'm seriously loving the magnetic lasso tool now.  I had no idea how it worked until tonight.  I love efficiency!

This totally takes me back to making collages in elementary school from cut out magazine pics.  Health Class, the 4 food groups, the food pyramid didn't come about until I was at least in Middle School.  I'm dating myself here.  My homework also involves cutting and pasting of food.  I have to separate some fruit on one, and Chinese food on the other.  For once, I'm not looking forward to Chinese food.


  1. Re-learning the basic is always a good thing because too often we learn short cuts to getting to the end result and miss some nice details that when applied elsewhere are jewels of information.

  2. Would love to take a Photoshop class - I will have to try your exercise and see if I can master it!