Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

School was closed in both counties again today.  Father-in-law took Mother-in-law to work very early this morning because the roads were bad, so the Wild Child was left in my care.  I decided shortly after the second round of chicken noodle soup and snacks that we would go out to play in the snow and attempt to burn off some energy.  Everyone piled on multiple layers of clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, and boots.

We had intentions of building more snow people, but the snow was very dry and refused to pack together.  I think they had fun anyway.

Of course the Terrible Terrier could not be left out.

He had on layers, too, but still had to go in a little early when I noticed he was shivering.  I need to find some yorkie snow boots.  He was not happy about being put inside and barked out the window until the rest of use trudged inside for hot cocoa.

And this is what happens when you eat nacho cheese Doritos with hot cocoa and lots of marshmallows.

After a nice warm bath and clean pajamas, everyone took a long nap.  Including me.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Naps are the best after being outside in the cold!

  2. Sounds like a full day. I think the cocoa is the best, and the nap....Though the snow angels look nice..Stay warm....

  3. I miss the days when my son loved to go out and play in the snow. My daughter never really cared too much for it. A couple of times down the hill on the sled and she was good. Her favorite part was the hot chocolate. Still is. Looks like the kids and puppy had a good time.

  4. What a fun day! To finish it off with hot cocoa is the best!

  5. I wish we got snow days, my kids get so bummed because school never gets canceled here! And I hate to say your baby is freaking adorable but that dorito/hot chocolate face is gross! Ha.

  6. Now that looks like a fun day. The Yorkie looks so cute and your dd is one doll baby.

  7. Looks like such a fun day, love the perspective on your cup shot!

  8. what fun photos!
    sounds like the perfect day to me!