Thursday, December 16, 2010


My niece was uncooperative today for a proper photo shoot, but I still wanted to try and put up a post with something tonight.  I recently figured out how to download actions in Photoshop and have been playing around with free ones.  All of the ones I used tonight are from Pioneer Woman.  Here are some shots I took on auto the first day I played with my camera.

Boost and Sharpen


PW Black & White

Old West

 Straight out of Camera

I think the different effects are pretty cool.  I may have them printed and frame a group of them together.  Kind of a neat thing since I took them the first day out, even if it was in auto ;)


  1. Actions can be so fun - with the black/white, you can lower the opacity and have just a hint of color - really cool. By the way - love the sun flare shots of your prior post.

  2. Love seeing one photo with different actions! And love PW's actions!

  3. Oh, you're going to have so much fun now that you've discovered the joys of actions!

  4. Great shot to play with actions on! You'll soon be an addict :).