Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowy Session

I've started another online photography course (I know, I never finished the first one on 2peas, leave me alone, this one covers the same material and is a bit more expansive).  I've been wanting to work on the first assignment because it is very similar to the first few I did for 2peas.   I have to get the familiar stuff done before I can move on to the more exciting new lessons.  The holdup has been that it is required to be shot in natural light and its been ridiculously cold, or on days when its been bearable, I've not been able to get anywhere pretty to take them.  Some of our neighbors here have really junky yards and the house is right between 2 mountain sides, so everything immediately around us is not what one might consider a desirable backdrop once the leaves have fallen.

Today, we are in the middle of a blizzard.  So I figured I would venture out with the dog and try to take some pics while all the ugly stuff is covered in a white blanket.  I didn't get very far with my assignment, and I think I did some of it wrong.  But what can I say, it was freezing, the snow was pouring, and I didn't bother with an instructional printout to refer to as I was shivering and fumbling with dials.  

Here's one that I that I found amusing.  A few forgotten fall decorations, don't they look sad?

And here's a few that have nothing to do with the course.  The dog, running around frantically in the parts that had been packed down.  

And now he's had enough.  This is his flee for the safety of the porch.
Now, back inside the warm house after a considerable amount of snow removal.  The poor thing gets big clumps of it in any hair not covered by a sweater.

And my play at a B&W action in photoshop.  The exposure is a mess, the snow out the window was so bright compared to the dogs dark hair, but I think its cute anyway.

I may try to get back out in another day or so and try again, its rumored that we'll be snowed in all week.  But I'm not making any promises, I'm a wimp in the cold.


  1. Are you shooting on manual - because snow can be a pain to compensate for. The meter says 'ok', but the result is often under exposed. I love the silhouette of the dog.

    And yes, the pumpkins appear to be looking at each other wondering what the heck!

  2. Yes, I shoot manual. I know snow can be tricky, but honestly, I was too cold to spend much time figuring it out and just shot a bunch of pics quickly, lol! If I could somehow have snow and warm temperatures together, theoretically I would chimp, figure out where I really need to be on the meter and take a custom WB. But I'm pretty sure that won't happen, haha!

  3. Love the pumpkin shot! Shows the change of seasons! And your dog is adorable!