Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A more serious attempt

It warmed up to a whopping 25 degrees today, so I went back out to to attempt a few more pics of the snow.  Today it was not actually snowing and it was very clear.  And just to point out, I have an official watermark to label my photos.  I'm big time now, be jealous.

 Some nifty sun-flare.

I blew the tree a bit on this one.  I wish you could see more detail on the trunk, its a really cool old birch.  But, I had been overexposing a tad to compensate for all the snow and didn't readjust for this shot.

The weather man is calling for an ice-storm.  As much as I hate the havoc they wreak and dread the possibility of the electricity going out, I really am eagerly anticipating some cool photo ops.


  1. We're getting snow tonight for the first time this fall/winter. We normally have several feet before now and you have me itching to take some pics!

  2. Wow! So pretty but they make me feel cold just looking at them :)

  3. Wonderful sunflares! 25 is absolutely balmy!

  4. Love the sun flares! Nice captures!