Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas lights!

I've been really swamped with school lately; the semester is almost over and I'm trying to catch up with my online work.  But, I've seen a lot of tutorials on taking photos of Christmas lights recently and wanted to take a little time to play.  These were taken with my camera as it came in the box, no special lenses or filters.

Here's a sort of abstract photo taken with a wide aperture.  I really like how the lights are big dots.  This looks really cool with colored lights on a tree, especially when the top is lit as well.

This was taken with a really tight aperture and a looong shutter speed, I had to use a tripod.  Look at how all the lights are little twinkle stars.  This would be really pretty for family portraits, but no kids would ever sit still long enough with that shutter speed.  I think I'll buy a star filter for next year so I can do this with a normal speed.

Its really amazing the differences you can get by just using different settings!


  1. Well done with your lights. The tree is beautiful. (by the way, you should post on the POTD threads on 2Peas - it is a wonderful way to get feed back on the photographic process and moral support for what ever else you are blogging about).


  2. Welcome to the POTD! Glad you decided to join us! You are starting with some awesome shots! Love both for different reasons!

  3. Welcome to POTD! I really like how you're including info about how you captured the shot with your photo. And thanks for the great reminder to photograph more lights with wide apertures this Christmas! Now.. . . time to scroll through your other posts because it's so much fun to visit :)