Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home Invasion

Last night the dog was making a fuss.  I assumed he just needed to go out to take care of business.  A few minutes later, he started barking; I thought he was ready to come back in.  I yelled for Babe Jr to let him back in, and she exclaimed "There's a cat on the porch!".

Now if you know me personally or are friends with me on Facebook, you'll know there was an unfortunate encounter this past summer in the back yard with an unknown animal, most likely cat, that resulted in a trip to the vet, a pitiful little doggy, and very worried pet parents for quite a while.  So I immediately panicked and ran out in the cold in my pajamas.  There was a gray cat hanging off the side of the porch.  I yelled for it to scat and stomped a few times hoping it would go away.

A few minutes later I heard something on the porch again.  I looked outside, thinking it was my father in law, but the cat was clinging to the screen of the front windows.  My mother in law opened the door to look.

Here is a dramatic photo reenactment of what followed:

You can see how frantic the cat was because he is quite blurry while the dog remains clear.  We had to lock the dog in the bedroom for a little while, but eventually, once my father in law got home, he chased the cat away.

The dog remained unconvinced.  This was over 30 minutes later.

P.S.  I feel like I should add that we are not totally cold-hearted and uncaring about the poor kitty's plight.  Since we live in the country, all the neighboring cats just run loose.  This one was obviously well fed, so we knew it had to belong to someone nearby.  As you can see from the photos, he wouldn't have got much respite here in our home on account of the terrible terrier.


  1. poor kitty. I'm a cat person, so obviously I would have been looking for some place the cat could stay sheltered for the night, and food - of course. I love the re-enactment sequence - cute guard dog.

  2. I think it belongs to one of the neighbors. We live out in the country so everyone's cats just run around loose. Unfortunately, if we left food out, they would ALL congregate on our porch :(

  3. Your captions made this post so funny! I grew up out in the country. My mom started leaving food out for one kitty and pretty soon we had a whole colony of cats mewling at the back door.

  4. ROTFLOL!!! I agree with Babe and Beth. If you had fed the kitty you would have had a hard time getting rid of it. And you don't sound at all cold-hearted. Your dog looks too well cared for. I want a sweater just like his!

  5. That is one brave kitty! My dog would have had him/her for breakfast!

  6. Love your captions - too funny!

  7. Just read a Stephen King novel, and you feel even more assured that there is no way you should have let that innocent-APPEARING cat in your house!